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16e Forum sur l’Afrique 3 & 4 Octobre 2018 à Paris

Objet: Invitation au 16ème Forum économique sur l’Afrique « AFRICA EUROPEA BUSINESS MEETINGS »  à Paris les 3 et 4 Octobre 2018    Thème:  » Les opportunités d’ Investissement, de Commerce et de partenariats techniques, industriels, commerciaux ou financiers avec l’Afrique » Monsieur, Madame, La chambre Internationale pour le Conseil et la Promotion des Entreprises (CICP) vous invite à prendre […]

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by doing everything right

When you work and you do it the right way, great things happen to you, opportunities happen to you, doors open that you didn create. But you create them by doing everything right. Text >Obama noted that he heard someone say that Ollie could someday occupy the Oval Office.. wholesale jerseys from china Give In […]

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five straight throws

There is nothing we can do, my friend. We have to continue and the only thing we can do is pray. Is not clear whether Sayfullo Saipov, a 29 year old immigrant from Uzbekistan who mowed down bikers and pedestrians Tuesday with a rented pickup truck, knew just how close he was to the site […]

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The bride is the daughter

The bride is the daughter of Dr. Nancy O. Gambescia, Bryn Mawr, and Dr. Total Darkness was totally lame. Groups of four were handed a rope with a glow stick tied to the end. The group was told to not let go of the rope otherwise risk getting lost in a terror maze. wholesale jerseys […]

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Brian Ching and Eddie Lewis

Johnny Moore watches the USA Czech Republic game at the Brit, surrounded by his family. Moore was general manager of the San Jose Earthquakes during the Landon Donovan years. He takes great pride in watching his young charge contribute, as well as national team members and former Earthquakes Brian Ching and Eddie Lewis. wholesale jerseys […]

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associated activities

The weekend involves so many things important to him, including his adopted home state, the ocean and associated activities, conservation, music and Guster fans. The band first performance of the weekend will be Friday during a concert cruise on Casco Bay for 200 fans. On Saturday, there a concert for up to 5,000 or so […]

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We could hear planes

We could hear planes and helicopters in the distance. Life had returned to the tiny airport. We entered the town by late afternoon. How did he do it? Warrants, intel, money, greasing, people inside. All of these guys are buyable. This is a dirty job. wholesale nfl jerseys from china The man seems pretty happy […]

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Retailers market their products

There’s a very disturbing trend that Bauer Hockey, a branch under Performance Sports Group, incorporated with respect to how retailers market their products. Retailers in Canada, USA, and Europe are required to retail Bauer products at the suggested retail price, regardless of how dominant the retailer is in the market. Their conventional wisdom, and by […]

    La Chambre Internationale pour le Conseil et la Promotion des Entreprises (CICP) organise depuis sa création le 3 Mars 2003 des voyages et rencontres d'affaires, des forums économiques.
    Ces rencontres d'affaires ont déjà permis à des chefs d'entreprises et à des responsables économiques d'Afrique, d'Asie, d'Amérique et d'Europe de s'informer sur des sujets qui les préoccupent sur le plan du Management, du Conseil, de la formation, du développement ou de trouver des partenaires commerciaux, financiers, industriels, stratégiques.
    Ces rencontres sympathiques ont déjà permis de développer des échanges entre les entreprises africaines et étrangères.


    66 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France